Doxing is the act of posting a persons private information, such as their name, address, phone number, place of employment, etc. to the internet with the intent of causing them harm. What is commonly referred to in America as “Cancel Culture” is becoming an increasingly serious problem by the day. More and more people are finding their careers and livelihoods destroyed simply for making a joke or having a less than popular political opinion. This is fundamentally un-American. Life Exists After Doxing (LEAD) is a for profit charity which seeks to help repair (or at least mitigate) the damage done by doxing, and work with injured individuals to formulate long-term economic development plans so that doxing loses its power as a cultural weapon.

How does LEAD intend to help?

Victim Relocation

  • Our first priority is to get people out of harm’s way. If mobs of “protestors” are coming to your home or place of business, or you wake up one morning to discover your tires have been slashed and your home has been vandalized, you need to move. Moving can be very costly, ruinous even, for some. Being there to help with the cost of hiring movers, or getting the deposit payed on a new residence may seem like a small thing, but when you’re in that rough spot it can mean everything. 

Business Networking

  • We seek to establish a network of employers willing to help those who have lost their jobs as a result of doxing. Networking is key. When so many companies are demonstrating their willingness to bend the knee to outrage mobs, finding a new job can seem hopeless. Being able to plug victims in to a network of employers will make getting their lives back on track that much easier and alleviate the sense of loneliness that comes when thousands of voices want you broke and homeless. The businesses that are willing to participate in our network and contribute to LEAD we will treat with the upmost discretion. We wish we could promote these businesses, and gladly will promote those that want us to, but we don’t want to make them targets for outrage mobs, so it will likely be best for many of them to assist us from behind the scenes.

Self Employment & Network Expansion

  • We recognize that the network of businesses we set up is likely to have large gaps in the types of employment opportunities it can provide. So, whenever a victim of doxing seems like a viable candidate for self employment, we will do what we can to assist them in creating a business which can fill a gap in our network and be as immune to the effects of doxing as possible. Businesses that we assist in the creation of, are likely to become targets of outrage mobs. Because of this, LEAD will not waste resources on trying to establish brick and mortar stores. We will focus our resources on establishing online businesses which produce consumable products that can be shipped through the mail, or services which can discretely compliment other businesses in our network.

What kinds of businesses is LEAD trying to establish?

We don’t know what kind of skills and talents the people that we work with will have, so we will have to “do it live.” That doesn’t mean there is no plan though. When a victim of doxing comes to us for assistance, if through our vetting process we conclude that they are a viable candidate for self employment we will assist them in the creation of their own business, doing our best to weave them into our network of existing businesses. If one of the businesses in our network is a cucumber farmer and we get a victim of doxing who cans pickles as a hobby, then setting up a small business selling jars of pickles on the internet will work perfectly. It provides an existing business with a new high volume customer, provides a victim of doxing with self employment thereby eliminating fear of re-dox, provides a new revenue stream for LEAD and provides opponents of Cancel Culture with an alternative to a product they already buy which will not bend the knee to outrage mobs. Over time, our goal is to provide supporters of our cause with alternatives to all of their daily use items; soap, shampoo, ketchup, peanutbutter, jam, etc.

In addition to consumable products, we will be seeking to create businesses that can provide services to the other businesses in our network as well as connect businesses that can assist one another through referrals. For example; if one of the businesses in our network is an accounting firm, then we will refer them to all of the other businesses in our network and strongly encourage them to employ their service. If our network has no accounting firm in it, then as soon as our budget and human resources allow for it we will establish one in order to fill that gap in our network.

As you can see, this kind of networking and filling the gaps in the network can’t be methodically planned in advance. We have to do the best we can with what we have.


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